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Malaysia’s Most Versatile Briyani

Retail ~ In-Flight ~ Banquet ~ Ready To Eat ~ Cooking Paste ~ Export ~ Catering 


Serving Malaysia’s Best Voted Briyani nationwide. It is when pure Basmathi and meets natural Spices, an explosion of gastronomic galore happens



Fragrant Steamed Rice Combo; Mixture of Curries and Dishes of your likes such as Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Fish goes well with freshly sautéed vegetables



Malaysian cuisine are mostly spicy, as a complement, chilling desserts are added. Cendol, ABC, Len Chi Kang and some of Malaysia’s favourite desserts cum drinks to please your cravings.



Charcoal Grills & Earthen Oven Bake; Indian Spices meets South East Asian Herbs where Tandoori meets Malaysia’s Local Satay in perfect combo


Our Story Begins In The East

It traces its history to centuries ago, when its ancestors, passionate food aficionados, indulged in the joy of cooking. They set out on a historic journey to unite the different races and ethnicities of Malaysia; uniting them through food. They blended various traditional cuisines to form an overwhelmingly unique cuisine that catered to the tastes and fancies of all Malaysians simultaneously!

Syed Group of Companies has successfully captured the hearts, minds and tummies of all Malaysians alike!

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Professionally and Ethically

Syed Bistro has been known for decades for its quality, taste, and experience. Being the preferred caterer to various government agencies, national, regional, and international events held in Malaysia.

Catered to over 30 million in-flight passengers, millions of in-patients add credibility and hygienic aspects of food preparation to the highest level. State of the art Central Kitchen able to cater up to 50 thousand meals per day confidently. 

Numerous Awards has been bestowed upon us for our unique solutions, service and product quality both domestic and internationally.

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