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The Syed group of restaurants started off as a pioneer in the restaurant business, and has persevered successfully through thick and thin. While most other companies fizzled away, Syed stayed afloat and abreast, and stands tall and proud today as one of the most successful businesses in the food and hospitality industry. Credit for its success goes to a host of fundamental variables, top among the list of which are: its commitment to quality food that is unique and in a class of its own, and its visionary founders and passionate employees.

Over the years, the restaurant business has captured a sizable portion of the market and massive expansion was made all around the metropolitan city. With over a dozen successful outlets, Syed Restaurants have received much media attention and lime-light. The company boasts of many efficacious ventures. In the year of Millennium, the group had introduced “Syed Bistro”, an energized brand name, in which it re-engineered its restaurant outlook, service, and hospitality as part of a massive expansion program in the form of franchises. Various other brand names were introduced and operated by the company: The Janova, Syedina Curry House and RestoranMydin, just to name a few.

The founder and co-founder of the organization have contributed in myriad ways to the business in particular, and the overall industry in general. Drawing inspiration from their organizational motto “One Step Ahead®”, the management at Syed has introduced and implemented many pragmatic and lucrative best-practices, which include, among others:

  • Restaurant Operations Systems

  • 24-7 Operation Hours

  • Introduction of Self Service System

  • Hardware and Designing System

  • Product Introduction System

  • Data Mining System

  • Etc

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